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“So many of us are living limited lives, not because we have to, but because we think we have to.” – Bruce Lipton.

So, what’s your story? For each of us, our inner story frames our identity, purpose, and motivation. When we look beneath our story we can disentangle limiting perspectives, our struggles vanish and we become driven by a gut level version of our wiser self. It’s from here that we can direct a life so spot-on that it turns the life-not-working into a story-worth-telling.

The deeper story is what I coach. Let’s stir the embers of a different fire and explore your next chapter. Life Coaching and Business/Executive Coaching deliver the insight you need to be, do and have what you seek. 

What else could we work on? Do you want to communicate more effectively, or clarify that voice just under the surface that you can’t quite get a grip on?  We can uncover and strengthen your communication dynamics so that you can experience more successful outcomes with everyone around you. 

“Coaching is the art of dancing with the human spirit. The process evokes wisdom from your core and inspires you to be your authentic self, not who you are afraid you are, nor who you ‘should’ be. It’s about that place from which we truly perform.” – Martin Sage



True success only feels authentic when it comes through your own efforts, and specifically when it emerges from within you. It is about partnering with a professional you trust to explore your narrative to promote learning, growth, and to transform your success, actualizing your dream or goal. The process deepens long-term excellence, self-generation and brings you back to your independent, whole self.


Intuitive Core can bring clarity and dreams.



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