Turning the life not working into a story worth telling!
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Turn the life not working into a story worth telling!

Link arms with a coach who fires your inspiration to leap over small buildings and live the story you dream about.  

When you engage and unwind your deeper story, struggles vanish and rewarding aspirations unfold. Then having internally aligned, I help you act and forward navigate, resulting in a life so spot-on, it becomes your story-worth-telling. Are you willing to stir that fire, and explore new perspectives? Life Coaching and Executive Coaching are a fulcrum that delivers solid insight to be, do and have what you seek.

I am inspired to work with people who struggle to explore, and/or find their voice, in any form. We can uncover and solidify what you are trying to clarify. Whether for personal or work reasons, it can be related to any number of areas such as writing, communication, self-expression, strategizing or positioning. 

“Coaching is the art of dancing with the human spirit. The process evokes wisdom from your core and inspires you to be your authentic self, not who you are afraid you are, nor who you ‘should’ be. It’s about that place from which we truly perform.” – Martin Sage

Foot crushing the impossible representing coachingExplore natural insights and gain new perspectives. Strategize solutions toward that goal, project or dream.
Happy couple and pointing to their future realized through life coachingImagine transformations that free you to successfully be all you are, to have that goal!

Books representing the answers to questions for life coachingBring back your edge. Turn the life not working into a story worth telling!


True success only feels authentic when it comes through your own efforts, and specifically when it emerges from within you. It is about partnering with a professional you trust to explore your narrative to promote learning, growth, and to transform your success, actualizing your dream or goal. The process deepens long-term excellence, self-correction and self-generation and brings you back to your independent, whole self.

Intuitive Core can bring clarity and dreams.



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