What will you create today?What will you create today?

Most of us reading here have at some point explored the awareness that we create our own reality. In this way we shape our future by owning our perception and making clear choices about what we want. We do this by changing the filters by which we choose to see the world. While we may not alter the elements flowing past moment by moment, we can alter the perspective through which we assign meaning and value to what we see and feel. And by redefining what something means to us, we open the door to see possibilities that weren’t seen before.

If you have been simply keeping pace with the world around you lately, then it may be time to step up and do some vision creation instead, right?! Power is found within the choices you allow for yourself. Reclaim your power from old beliefs and scarcity consciousness.

Manifesting your vision starts by allowing your personal vision to be seen, heard and felt, first by yourself and then by those around you who will support you. When you share your deeper self, you show up with your unique personality sharing who you are as humor, perspective and compassion etc. And pouring out from that internal poise comes the energy and passion that inspires others to share and help support your version of reality.

Lock into this inertial feeling by keeping an ear more on you and less on the external influences that ignore or remove this feeling from around you. Sit in your heart to anchor into your authenticity and trust yourself. Maybe you will lay in the grass and listen to the leaves in trees, connect with the power of nature and deepen your connection to yourself. Just move out of thinking and overly self-conscious awareness and first move into simply being inside you, then put who you are out there.

We each have this innate ability to know our purpose. It’s not that we lose it, but that we listen too intently to that which is outside ourselves. It is a problem of noise-as-interference obscuring our voice and awareness. Like fog around a flame, the light is not lost but merely obscured. And instead of being inside ourselves looking out, we get lost by holding an assumption and framing our perspective as being outside ourselves looking in… distanced by the fog of misperception.  Let go and just move back in.

Commit to letting go of too much thought and attention on what people want and think from the outside and begin to lean more heavily and dwell more deeply on your own voice inside. Reclaiming your power and manifesting your reality is a matter of retaking possession of your own perspective and opening up your belief that you have a choice about how to see the world.

What will you create today?

~ Brian Prothro

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