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Brian Prothro Certified NLP Coach

Brian Prothro Certified NLP Coach

I’ve had two threads run through my life. As a long time innovative entrepreneur I love to design/create, along with a curious and introspective nature about how we perceive and experience the world. In this second half of life, my coaching focus is on innovative insight and inner wisdom.

I grew up creating things, taking them apart, putting them back together and discovering the beauty of how the world works. Through coaching, I now bring this same creativity, introspection, and clarity to my coaching.

Prior to coaching, I gathered 20+ years as a business owner/entrepreneur. I have designed gift products and the machines that made them, explored programming, explored electronics tinkering. I have advanced training in Remote Viewing and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). In a distant past life, I worked in computer electronics at Texas Instruments.

“Coaching is the art of dancing with the human spirit. The process evokes wisdom from your core and inspires you to be your authentic self, not who you are afraid you are, nor who you ‘should’ be. It’s about that place from which we truly perform.” – Martin Sage

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