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What will you create today?

What will you create today? Most of us reading here have at some point explored the awareness that we create our own reality. In this way we shape our future by owning our perception and making clear choices about what we want. We do this by changing the filters by which we choose to see the world.


10 Ways To Cope With A Job Transition

10 Ways To Cope With A Job Transition Job transitions can be stressful—whether they’re due to layoff, a new job or working extra hours because others workers were laid off. If you’re facing one, consider the following. 1. Take an honest look at yourself. What are your strengths, weaknesses, skills? How did those influence—positively or negatively—your transition?


How To Reframe A Critic

How to reframe a Critic Have you ever had difficulty trying to create an outcome at work or home when there’s that one person who is critical of everyone’s idea? Have you ever wanted to know how to regain control and reframe the conversation in a more positive context? How to reframe a critic is about transforming

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