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The Business need for coaching

Business need for coaching - Intuitive Core CoachingBusinesses have a perpetual need to not only keep their relationship with their customers fresh, but to improve and innovate their working environment, products and services. The old school approach was to use top down control, but these type organizations can no longer compete over the long haul.

The problem starts with having a structure that enforces a do-this mentality rather than a do-with mentality. This type of approach leads to conflicting dynamics internally between people and groups within the work environment. Like rubber neck drivers on the highway, the disresonance and lack of unified purpose leads to lockup, slow downs and stress in the workplace. This kills natural human motivation, as this model cannot foster the environment companies need to grow and gain the rewards of their greatest resource – their employees.

If you then combine this with economic downsizing and other issues, an employees’ relationship with the company will deteriorate. This leads to a collapse of a companies life force, creativity, and that employee driven concern business owners need to stay competitive.

How might coaching help?

Perfect solutions emerge from the innate intelligence inherent within a company’s employees. For each individual, the environment and the working relationships should be contributory, acknowledging and contain ongoing chances for individuals to find healthy challenge, to learn and thus feel alive. Otherwise, people become stagnant and lose that motivating curiosity, contributory satisfaction, and their sense of value.Through coaching key individuals and/or teams, coaching can help grow an environment that fosters genuine interest and contribution. It can provide that positive driver to navigate and even thrive through times of change.

When employees feel valued they will give everything and enjoy doing it. Acknowledgment through healthy communication within the work environment brings self confidence and elicits the natural resources from an individual, thus building a stronger team. 

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