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Executive and Leadership Coaching Services

To get to the next level of greatness depends on the quality of our culture, which depends on the quality of our relationships, which depends on the quality of our conversations. – Judith Glaser. 

Integrating coaching in business has become a more common practice. Organizations are realizing that incorporating the principles of leadership coaching into their management philosophy team is of great benefit to leaders.

While utilizing coaching within an organization is widely accepted when it comes to working with leaders, training management to become coaches within their own teams is not as widely practiced. It appears as though some organizations see coaching as “self-help” for the top-level executives to “better themselves,” rather than a culture that is embedded within the organization with the benefits being passed on to the entire team to help them develop into more effective employees. The coaching culture. it’s communications tool and insights are critical to success.

Today, more than ever, there is a need for coaching to become a component of the entire business philosophy. Instead of a tool used only among a chosen few, successful corporations bring professional development to all corporate levels. While many leaders embrace the need for coaching, they are not adequately trained on how to be a successful coach within their organization.

1.) Hourly $160- hourly  Optional NLP and MER coaching • Choose; in person, via Skype, or by phone from anywhere in the world.

  • Learn the tools of Conversational Intelligence to develop a successful culture.
  • Explore insights and gain new perspectives.
  • Strategize solutions toward that goal, project or dream.
  • Grow internal strategies and actions that enable you to foster healthy, aspirational environments for you or your group.
  • Become better trained to coach your employees, partners and/or associates.

2.) Ignition Session  $1,050 Approx. 8+ intense hours in person over one or a few days  Includes NLP and MER techniques.

Make no mistake in understanding that Ignition is for those willing to put their foot on the gas, challenge deeply held beliefs and move forward now.  Best achieved over one or two days, this is mental and emotional work.

Ignition is a deeply thorough and accelerated, structured process for people ready to get to the bottom of an area now. Do you struggle with a particular area of your life or work and want immediate clarity to effectively knock out a fog or barrier? This is 8+ hours using a highly focused set of processes including unique tools from NLP and MER. Like kindling to a fire, it dissolves what’s holding you back, clarifies values and purpose, and restores solid conviction in your gut, bringing clarity to what you want to be changed.

  • A beginning-to-end accelerated process for any one area such as; career, relationship, personal growth, health, family, leadership, etc..
  • Dissolves barriers essential to maintaining drive and clarity.
  • Breaks up limiting beliefs expanding choice and insight and reduces anxiety and negative thoughts.
  • Identifies values and clarifies goals around what’s truly important to you.


Are you a leader? These are the characteristics of a successful leader / coach.

In order for a leader to be successful in using coaching skills, there are several characteristics they must embody. Coaching is not just about communication, it is about connecting with the client on a deeper level. With that in mind, here are some traits a good coach/leader embodies.

Non-Authoritative – The coaching relationship is not built on the coach being in power over the coachee. Rather, the coach and coachee are working cooperatively to reach the predefined goals. The coach is only in charge of the process and structure, but is not responsible for setting the agenda or leading the discussions.

Active Listener – Being an active listener means that the coach is mentally present within the coaching conversation. They ask clarifying questions to ensure they have understanding and listens carefully to understand the core concerns and objectives of the coachee.

Powerful Questions – In a previous blog, we discussed the importance of powerful questions. This means questions are open ended, rather than one that would elicit a yes or no response. They don’t include complex language and generally start with words such as what, how, when and where.

No Hidden Agendas – An effective coach does not have an emotional attachment to situations described by the coachee. They are honest and direct, yet respectful.

Provide Direction – The coach should provide the coachee with tasks that will help them move toward their goal and produce the desired transformation. This could include journaling, writing down observations, confronting difficult situations, etc.

Being in a position of leadership comes with great respect, yet also great responsibility. As a leader, it is important to find balance within your role. It is your job to inspire and guide your team to achieve great things. Similarly, the job of a coach also requires great responsibility and is a position of guidance and oversight as they help move their employees to realize their full potential.

Utilizing coaching within a leadership role allows top managers to be more effective in motivating their team and connecting with them on a deeper level. It helps the leader to develop trust among team members and create an emotionally centered work environment.


Invest in yourself…

Effective change takes time, commitment and action. It takes work to change old habits of thinking and acting. Your degree of success hinges on how strongly you want change and on what you are willing to do to achieve it. I am here to aid in removing limits, negative self-talk, uncover your innate resources and inspiration, and to support motivated action towards your dream or goal.

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