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Where are you now and where would you like to be?  Coaching helps bridge that gap, to guide you confidently towards the expression of your full capabilities.

1.)   What is Coaching?

True success only feels authentic when it comes through your own efforts, and specifically when it emerges from within you. Coaching is about partnering with a professional you trust to explore your narrative to promote learning, growth, and to transform your success, actualizing your dream or goal. The process deepems long-term excellence, self-correction and self-generation and brings you back to your independent, whole self.

2.)   Thorough, deep Training

Before coaching I worked 20+ years as an entrepreneur and business owner.

For my coaching education I invested in a gold level intensive training that has third party accreditation & certification through the International Coaching Federation. I trained through Academy of Leadership Coaching and NLP under owner Helen Attridge, a 20+ year coaching veteran and previous member of the board of thInternational Coaching Federation. I trained for 125 hours and have volunteered over 210 additional hours assisting in training new coaches and in NLP.

I was additionally trained and certified in 2015 in both a Masters level NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and (MER) Mental & Emotional Release®, a research based Timeline process under, Dr. Matt James Ph.D.  Certification through the Association of Integrative Psychology


Certified NLP Coach

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NLP Certification (Neuro Linguistic Programming) - Brian Prothro Intuitive Core Coaching

MER Certification (Mental Emotional Technique) - Brian Prothro Intuitive Core Coaching

3.)   What is MER?

The biggest driver towards success is in removing the fear and limiting beliefs that trap and entangle us.

MER helps release negative emotions and limiting beliefs, and allows us to get to the root of an issue easily. You will find your reactions to previously stressful triggering situations flattens or is significantly calmer, and your thinking much clearer around old issues. Changes shift you towards internal learning and growth rather than reactions.

MER stands for Mental Emotional Release® Technique. It was developed from an NLP technique and built into a process trademarked by Tad James.  My trainer Dr. Matt James has refined this process naming it MER for Mental Emotional Release®.

An article on the effectiveness of MER Efficacy Study of Mental Emotional Release® Therapy (aka Time Empowerment®)

“For leaders and business, NLP is an interpersonal communication model that allows leaders to use specific communication methods and tools to create personal and positive change within their organization.” ~Helen Attridge

4.)   $50 or $200 per hour?

What is your time worth? Based on the quality and source of their training, coaches who can more quickly identify the fulcrum for your change and who can truly deliver deeper, more permanent results will take far fewer hours.  Briefly trained coaches can only move a client so far, limited by the knowledge they have been exposed to.

5.)   Local or International Coaching Available

Distance is no barrier. In additional to live one on one sessions, I am available internationally for coaching by Skype or phone. For example, I have coached clients in Singapore and Moscow.

Call now to share in a free introductory session and discover whether coaching is for you.

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