The Micro-Coaching ProjectTrade Mark

    Have a professional sounding board whenever you need it for 1 to 12 minutes at a time.

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Coaching anywhere, any time, as needed.

How would you like to have the support of someone who knows your story and is totally focused and dedicated to listening and planning with you and who is available when you actually needed it? Would paying a flat fee monthly and calling instantly suit your lifestyle?

You can receive a great deal while helping me as I experiment with a Micro-Coaching Project. This is an experimental endeavor that, after having established your goal and long-term action plan, allows you to flexibly access a highly trained professional coach at your beck and call for those instant, unplanned moments in life when you need it. Your call or texting times can vary from 1 to 12 minutes. I will help you with most any issue, be it to brainstorm, keep you accountable to your goal, or to ask the right deep-digging questions that open your perspective and move you beyond those momentary challenges in life or at work.

Why This Experiment?

On a daily basis, people need someone to fully listen to our struggles, someone who is trained to encourage and bring out our best performances without giving judgment or advice. However, coach retainer contracts giving you full-time, unlimited access often run from $2,000 to $7,000 per month.

What if there were an alternative? Many issues can be micro-coached quickly, and I am exploring this approach in order to understand people’s actual needs in order to offer a new package. I hope to open a future service at 1/4th the cost of full retainer fees. This project offers you a coach on retainer at fractional prices while I explore the concept.

Details and Limits – only $300 per month.

  • Micro-Coaching starts after standard coaching sessions have established your goal and timeline of actionable steps.
  • The cost is a flat rate of $300 paid monthly. This low-cost period will last until I’ve gathered enough feedback.
  • Calls or texts can be from 1 to 12 minutes. This ensures we stay on point and deliver value for you efficiently.
  • You can receive up to 8 hours of coaching per month (an $800 value). If you need to add full 50-minute coaching sessions during this test period, they are discounted 50%, to $50 per hour.
  • I am offering unlimited access from 8am – 6pm (EST) with a maximum of three calls per day. If you need more, we can talk about whether Micro-Coaching is effective for you and/or whether a full session on your subject would be more beneficial.
  • My intent is to answer your calls live or get back to you within 20 minutes, as my schedule may be full at any point.
  • You agree to fill out an evaluation questionnaire at the end of each month as part of my evaluation of this approach.

This is a great deal for what you will receive!
Please fill out the following form to receive a phone call to assess your needs as a participant in the Micro-Coaching Project.